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About Us

Khristopher C. Pelley

Born and raised in the Houston, TX area, Khris found an early calling into woodworking and furniture restoration by working in his dad’s shop throughout his teen years. When the unknown of the world beyond the borders of his small town came calling, Khris abandoned a less than stellar community college career and enlisted in the Army as an infantryman. The adventure led him to farther corners of the globe than he’d ever imagined. After a five year stint in Germany, Khris decided to return to the stability and relative calm of a civilian life back in Texas, and found himself in the manufacturing industry. Much like Army life, his new career left little time for passions such as woodworking.

After the he tragic events of 9/11/2001, Khris could not stand idly by and re-enlisted in the Army. After attending training, he was sent back to serve in Germany and was immediately sent to combat in Iraq. After 15 years and three combat tours, two tours in South Korea and time spent at Fort Hood, TX, Khris retired from the Army and opened PelleyMonster WoodWorks to finally chase his passion for creating works of are from wood and steel.

Side hobbies include surf fishing, enjoying a nice cigar and a glass of single malt Scotch and spending time with fellow veterans.